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Mother and Baby on Floor

BIRTH: It's What We Do.

Become a Certified Birth Assistant with Black Sisters Birth Academy®

 Are you an aspiring Black midwife looking for a pathway to work with community midwives attending births in out-of-hospital settings? If so,  you're in the right place.

Black Sisters Birth Academy®

Black Sisters Birth Academy® (BSBA) trains aspiring Black midwives (and aspiring birth assistants) to become certified birth assistants to community midwives in out-of-hospital settings through an online curriculum-based program intentionally designed with you in mind.

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Why Black Sisters Birth Academy®

The truth is, a growing number of aspiring Black midwives who choose to work outside the hospital setting are looking for Black-led midwifery trainings that will teach them how to work with community midwives and our birthing families.


They are looking to reconnect and reclaim the natural birthing experience for themselves and for our people. 


They are looking for a place to call HOME.


Black Sisters Birth Academy® was created for you, the aspiring Black midwife, to have a safe place to call home as you learn to work side-by-side with community midwives as a birth assistant.

Birth assisting is a natural first step into being who you are called to be: 

A Midwife

If you are being called to join this movement and return Back to Birth 

Join Us Now at Black Sisters Birth Academy®.

This work is my mission. 

Hi, I'm Christina Jemine, a licensed, Certified Professional Midwife on a mission to train YOU, the aspiring Black midwife, through the art of birth assisting.

I was where you were once, excited about becoming a midwife and searching for the best pathway to become one. I never heard about a career as a birth assistant until I was in midwifery school. It was not a profession openly advertised and to be honest neither was midwifery but soon I learnt that a birth assistant is a vital member within the birth team. I wish I knew about birth assisting when I discovered midwifery as a teenager, 22 years ago. I would have ran towards an opportunity to be nurtured by a Black midwife and work with her as her assistant. I have learnt now why that option was not widely accessible to me then and for others now.

Currently, there are only a few Black midwives scattered across the United States due to years of institutionalized racism in this country and within the profession of midwifery that was intentionally designed for our demise. It is my mission to amplify your ancestral gift as a birth assistant through this comprehensive program as you unearth your skills to help our community midwives and birthing families.

This program works and it is a natural first step into apprenticeship before you transition into who you are called to be: A Midwife. If you are not committed to doing the work you are called to do, do not apply. For those who are committed to doing the work, welcome home sis. Let's Get To Work.


Mission: To train aspiring Black midwives to become certified birth assistants to community midwives in out-of-hospital settings through an online curriculum-based program.


Vision: To increase the amount of professionally trained Black birth assistants nationwide to work with community midwives to promote safer births for Black families outside of the hospital setting.


Motto: BIRTH: It's what we DO.



"Christina's birth assistant training was so valuable. I learned so much in a loving and nurturing environment. Without a doubt if you are thinking of her training, do yourself a favor and take it! Such an amazing experience!"


Birth Assistant, Student Midwife, Birth Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor & Birth Justice Advocate


"Participating in this training solidified for me the necessity of safe spaces and for competent trainers. Midwife Christina exemplified professionalism. Her organization of the materials and activities was unmatched. Her passion for her students was evident from the moment we met. I am totally grateful for my time in the Black Sisters Birth Assistant training."


Birth Assistant, Childbirth Educator

YOU in mind.

This program is designed to help you through 3 Key Elements:

CURRICULUM (Black Sisters Birth Academy® Online Birth Assistant Program)

COMMUNITY (Community Membership & Private Facebook Group)

COACHING (Virtual Group Q & A, Module Reviews, and Skill Days)

As a result of this program you will become a competent birth assistant and in turn you will become a SOURCE of support for yourself and your community. As a source, you will create tremendous impact for midwives and birthing families as your work towards your calling as a midwife.

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Students In Training

Student Birth Assistants Supporting Their Community Midwives & Birthing Families. 

Are you ready to do the work you are called to do?

Join us now at Black Sisters Birth Academy®


 Ama Grant 

I promise you will leave feeling confident, feeling trusting in your skills, in your education and your ability most of all to be a birth assistant.

Keyah Haywood

I definitely feel like I stumbled upon a gem when I ran into Christina's program...We had genuine help throughout the process...I am able to help a few midwives as suppose to just one and I do see that I am a value to a potential birth team long term.


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  • Gain employment as a certified birth assistant with community midwives

  • Take vital signs of mother and baby

  • Check fetal heart tones

  • Assist with medical documentation

  • Set up birth related equipment

  • Keep the birth space clean and organized

  • Provide assistance in emergencies

  • Assist with breastfeeding and other essential birth assistant duties

Can This Program Work For? 

Learn how I have help other sisters like you by training they to know that BIRTH: It's What We DO.


Together We Win.

BIRTH: It's What We DO.