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About Black Sisters Birth Academy®

Black Sisters Birth Academy® was created for aspiring Black midwives and aspiring Black birth assistants to receive birth assistant training that is for us and by us with intentional space designed for the successful development of our skills and profession in an environment of excellence. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Christina Jemine, a Licensed Midwife at Black Sisters Midwifery Services was in search of a training of this nature after she graduated from midwifery school to train her own birth assistant and the options were not there. Christina created the Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop in the Summer of 2019 thinking it was a one time event. The sisters she met from that training inspired her to create a place for us to call home.  A home where we can learn about the power of our bodies natural ability to birth our babies as we assist our loved ones as they birth life. To meet the calling for more trainings, Christina created Black Sisters Birth Academy®

 Black Sisters Birth Academy® has successfully trained birth assistants nationwide from California to Arkansas to work confidently with community midwives with the conscious remembrance that BIRTH: It's What We DO.

Black Sisters Birth Academy®

Meet Your Instructor

Christina Jemine, LM, CPM

Founder & CEO of Black Sisters Birth Academy® l Birth Assistant Instructor

Christina Jemine is a mother, midwife, motivational speaker, teacher and a children's book author. Before becoming a midwife and starting her practice at Black Sisters Midwifery Services, Christina served in the field of maternal-child health for over 10 years and has worked as a Mother-Baby and Pediatric nurse for 6 years at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn, NY (her hometown). Christina loves teaching others about the beauty of birth and gets great joy from sharing her gift of learning with others. She is a graduate from The Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, Florida; a 3-Year Direct Entry Midwifery Program. 


Christina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Sisters Birth Academy® formerly known as Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop; a program designed to train Black women in becoming birth assistants also known as a midwife's assistant. Her aim through this training is to have our families well-supported, healthy and thriving during birth, by increasing the amount of certified Black birth assistants who are richly-rooted in the conscious remembrance that BIRTH: It's what we DO.

We have the power to embrace who we are,
to choose our future, and change our world.

Our Mission


To train aspiring Black midwives and aspiring Black birth assistants to become certified birth assistants to community midwives in out-of-hospital settings through an online curriculum-based program.

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Happy Family


To increase the amount of professionally trained Black birth assistants nationwide to promote safer births for Black families outside of the hospital setting.

Our Motto

BIRTH: It's what we DO.

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Inspire Our Women And Our World.

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