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Midwife Affiliate Program

Let Me Help You Train Your Next Extra Set Of Hands

Black Sisters Birth Academy® Midwife Affiliate Program is for Community Midwives who are looking for professional help to train to their birth assistant. Send your best extra set of hands to be trained by me and I will assist you in refining their skills to function competently by your side and with your birthing families.


Midwife Camille at RUA Midwifery is grateful for her extra set of skilled hands provided by birth assistant Ama Grant. Ama received her training from Black Sisters Birth Academy® and in the word of her midwife, "My birth assistant trained with Black sisters birth academy and her growth was incredible. Her clinical understanding of her role became more apparent, as well as her confidence and hands on skills."


Black Sisters Birth Academy® Midwife Affiliate Program provides ONE Coupon Code (worth 10% off the Online Birth Assistant Program ONLY) per approved student applicant to the midwife applying for the coupon. The midwife must re-apply for each additional approved student applicant to redeem a new coupon code assigned to that student. Submitted applications will be processed within 2 to 3 business days. Coupon codes are subject to approval based on the prospective applicant meeting the program requirements when applying to the Online Birth Assistant Program. PLEASE NOTE: Your prospective birth assistant must apply to the Online Birth Assistant Program within 3-4 business days prior to you applying for a coupon code. A coupon code is valid for 30 days from the date issued.

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